Make Yourself Relevant
Make Yourself Relevant
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Make Yourself Relevant

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Let's talk about the most important relationship in your life: THE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF

Of all the relationships you care for in your life, this one has the most influence on what your life will look and feel like.

If your life isn't looking or feeling how you want it to, trace back to the source: your connection to yourself.

Here's 4 reasons why the relationship with yourself might be currently struggling:

  1. You don't treat it like the LIVING thing this it is
    You show up consistently for your external relationships - your partner, friends, family, pets, kids, plants. You’re intentional because you want these relationships to thrive. If your inner self had a voice they’d say “hey, what about me! I’m the one that spends the most time with you…”

  2. Your plate is FULL
    You’ll take a look at all this self-love mumbo jumbo one day "once life settles down a bit”, right? After work isn't so crazy? After you finish school? After the kids go to school? After the holidays? Once you move? Once you start making money? Once you get back to the gym? I could keep going...

  3. You don't realize the URGENCY
    The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every single person, place, and thing in your life. You are the common denominator. You are the epicenter. Because you are the you who is living your life! If you cut a plant from its roots, would you expect flowers to blossom?

  4. You think this kind of stuff is for OTHER TYPES of people
    If you are a human being reading this, you have a relationship with yourself. Everyone does. How you care for it will look unique to you, but the relationship itself exists and is a thing for everyone. Regardless of age, physical appearance, tax bracket, and any other thing this world tries to divide us by. 


In the 177-page workbook, Make Yourself Relevant, you'll read about raising your self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-worth!

Making yourself relevant means paying closer attention to your internal dialogue, your gut feelings, and noticing what makes you feel good and not so good. You'll learn how to shift your attention inward towards yourself and your own experience.

Think of the unconditional kindness you show your family or your pet. In the pages of this book, you'll realize that you are worthy of receiving that same level of empathy, understanding, and compassion from yourself.

I don't even know you yet I am 100% positive you are worthy of the live you truly desire. You are here in this life to show up fully. This book is like receiving a pep talk from a friend who wants to see you shine, leaving you feeling unstoppable and confident as ever in yourself!

Everything in the book is written based on my personal experiences and lived 'a-ha' moments. I hope the contents of this book help you as much as they've helped me change the way I live my life.