Cait Berry
Hi there, I'm Cait! I am the human behind Right to be Relevant. Everything you see has come from my heart and lived experience. I had a big huge 'AH-HA!' moment in 2017. I started seeing a therapist for the first time in my life. During that hour every few weeks, I had the opportunity to take a good look at myself in a way I hadn't before. I started a journey inward, peeling back layers of who I actually am and what I actually want. I took personality assessments, read book after book, started writing, and did anything I could do to better understand myself. After all, as I then realized, I am the person who is living my life so I might as well get to know her.
Right to be Relevant is all about self-awareness and finding self-compassion. I have navigated this journey towards myself thoroughly over the past few years and taken notes along the way. My book, journals, and affirmation cards are my way of passing on everything I have learned and come to know.
You know when you experience things in life that mark a clear before/after? Before you moved, before you got married, before you opened your business. Making myself relevant was my big before/after moment. There is a clear "pre-relevant" and "post-relevant" in my life. Now that I treat myself like I matter, my life looks different. I feel different. My relationships are different. I view life in an entirely new way.
I want these feelings for you. I want you to feel the freedom of thinking and feeling independently. I want you to figure out what you really enjoy, and I want you to have it. I want you to have nourishing and love-filled relationships. I want you to spend your time on this planet, in this body, as the person you were intended to be. You are you for a reason, and you deserve special attention. It's time to give yourself the gift of that special attention and make yourself relevant.
- Cait Berry