Writing Drought

I used to write all the time. 

I still do, but these days it's tucked away in notebooks. I have stacks and stacks of notebooks piling up around me. 

I used to write all the time.

I would post something that might help other people out. I would post something to help myself out. I would post a picture to be seen, or an article to be read. I used to write all the time.

I seem to have tucked myself away, along with all my piles of notebooks. Along with all the words tucked away in those tucked away notebooks.

I'm dusting them off, and I'm writing again. 

I guess I never stopped writing - I just stopped sharing. 

I used to share all the time. 

Then I got in the habit of keeping it all to myself. It was safer in my notebook, where I could control only my eyes seeing what I write. 

I am going to start sharing more, starting with this here. 

So hi again.

Thanks for being here.

I'm going to start sharing all the time.

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