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Workplace Wellness

Give your team the opportunity to slow down and invest in their own self-care

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Avoid Burnout

According to the World Health Organization, "burn-out is a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterized by feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of cynicism [at work]."

When people chaotically spin their wheels to meet external expectations without gaining clarity on what feels aligned, burnout is bound to happen. The Self-Study Course will provide an opportunity for your team to slow down, declutter external distractions and find internal alignment.


Improve Autonomy and Self-Empowerment

In the course, as participants learn to gain clarity on what they want and need, they'll also gain the necessary confidence and assurance to be able to advocate for themselves with certainty. Building a team of self-empowered, courageous, and proactive employees will ignite their productivity and efficiency at work.


Boost Emotional Intelligence

The most effective leaders are emotionally intelligent, meaning they have the self-awareness to be able to recognize their own and others' emotions. The second phase of the Self-Study Course is all about tuning in and trusting your own experience. These lessons will help your team be able to recognize and regulate their own thoughts, feelings and patterns so they can better understand themselves and others.


Cultivate an Authentic Environment

The third phase is all about finding personal continuity, where you can fearlessly be yourself no matter where you are or who you're with. It takes courage to show up authentically as a gifted and flawed human being. When the work environment is rooted in authentic truth, not perfection, your team will feel more comfortable and empowered to function together as human beings - not as transactional roles or job titles.

Download Information Guide with Pricing

Choose from three different options to give your team access:

Course + Virtual Workbook


Each person will have their own login and navigate the course at their own pace.


Course + Hard Copy Workbook


In addition to lifetime access to the course, each person will receive their own hard copy of the Self-Study Course Workbook.


8 Week Guided Program


Everyone will receive their own hard copy of the Self-Study Course Workbook, lifetime access to the online course and participate in a Kickoff Call, 3 Discussion Calls and Sendoff Call for added structure and accountability.


Here's What Others Are Saying!

"This has helped me so much in running my business by showing me how to stay authentic & show up for myself in order to show up for my clients."

- Ronni S., Group Coaching participant

"The lessons showed me how I was holding myself back and then guided me on how to put myself first with tangible steps! The information is so valuable. Most of all, it was fun, engaging, and validating."

- Jess L., Group Coaching participant

"This course and Cait's guidance have been my saving grace hands down. She has truly helped me better understand myself so I can better understand others."

- Meg W., Group Coaching participant

Download Information Guide with Pricing

This online course empowers you to:

Accept 100% ownership of creating the life you truly want and need

Gain a stronger sense of self by showing up and advocating for your true self

Prioritize becoming aware of your own experience (not zooming in on others)

Clarify what you truly want and need in life

Grant yourself permission to accommodate what YOU wan

Learn how to make yourself relevant in your actions

Develop the discipline you'll need to consistently show up for yourself



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