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This online course will give you the guidance you need to
shift your mindset, tune in to yourself, and create the life you truly want.


Here's What Others Are Saying!

"If you feel like you spend way more time on others than yourself (and suffer because of it), this is going to help you reframe your entire thought pattern."

- Jess L., Group Coaching participant

"This has helped me so much in running my business by showing me how to stay authentic & show up for myself in order to show up for my clients."

- Ronni S., Group Coaching participant

"This course has been my saving grace hands down. Cait has truly helped me better understand myself so I can better understand others."

- Meg W., Group Coaching participant

Enroll in Self-Study Course for Only $197

I passed the class, now let me give you my notes!


Hey there,

Tell me if you can resonate. A few years ago I felt like I was on autopilot. I was working hard to meet the many expectations at work, home, and everywhere in between, but I was still so unclear on what it is I truly wanted and needed for myself.  


My gut told me there was more for me, so I set off on a mission to gain a better understanding of myself.


Since I started tuning into myself and making myself relevant, I have attracted loving relationships, found alignment in my career, removed old habits that weren't serving me, and found a rhythm in my life that makes me wake up in the morning feeling eager for the day.


I read countless books, went to therapy, listened to podcasts, worked with coaches and everything in between. I've now gathered all my notes, discoveries and tips into one place for you to benefit from! 


Remember back in school when your friend took the same class last semester and aced it, so they gave you all their notes? Think of the Self-Study Course as me handing you the notes that helped me get through the semester.


You have valuable and unique gifts that the world needs to see. With the information in this course, you'll learn an efficient and approachable way to start stepping into your own experience and making it one you are proud of and aligned with. I'm excited for you!

Be kind to yourself,

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Enroll in Self-Study Course for Only $197

Does this sound like you?

  • You've been making yourself small or not showing up authentically in your own life
  • You identify as your roles (i.e. Mom, business owner, etc) instead of your true self
  • You don't trust yourself and often find yourself unsure of what you want and need in life
  • You feel like you're on the outside looking in on your life
  • You struggle with low self-worth and often feel like you are not enough

After the Self-Study Course:

  • You'll accept 100% ownership and no longer wait for anyone else to give you permission to be yourself
  • You'll know the difference between being relevant in your own life and not
  • You'll be more familiar with your own thoughts, feelings and patterns
  • You'll be more empowered to show up for yourself and make choices in your life that will serve you in a positive way
  • You'll open your heart and mind to thinking in a way you might not have before
  • You'll find more self-acceptance and kinder to yourself
  • You'll be more proactive, aligned and confident in your life

Self-Study Course Enrollment


for the self-starter

  • Lifetime access to the online course
  • Self-Study Course PDF Workbook
  • Access to Community Facebook Group for support
  • BONUS 1:1 Session with Cait

Course + Group Coaching


for accountability and discussion

  • FOUR 60-minute group coaching sessions with Cait McKay
  • Lifetime access to the online course
  • Self-Study Course PDF Workbook
  • Access to Community Facebook Group

1:1 Coaching


Think you could benefit from additional structure, empowerment and accountability?

With 1:1 Coaching, you'll have personalized check-in coaching calls with Cait as you navigate the online course. 


Not sure if this is for you? Let's talk!


Let's break down the value of this course:

  • Over 70 in-depth lessons filled with written content, graphics and video - an estimated 6-10 hours of learning (valued at over $1,900)

  • Over 45 thorough reflection prompts to help you shift your thinking and apply what you've learned (valued at over $900)

  • 75+ page Virtual Course Workbook (valued at $150)
  • Bonus 30-minute call to help you process and implement what you've learned in the course (valued at $100)

  • Lifetime access so you can revisit the course again and again (priceless)

This online course will empower you to:

Accept 100% ownership of creating the life you truly want and need

Gain a stronger sense of self by showing up and advocating for your true self

Prioritize becoming aware of your own experience (not zooming in on others)

Clarify what you truly want and need in life

Grant yourself permission to accommodate what YOU wan

Learn how to make yourself relevant in your actions

Develop the discipline you'll need to consistently show up for yourself



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