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RLVNT Workshop + 1:1 Coaching

With your purchase, you'll gain:

  • Unlimited lifetime access to the RLVNT Workshop (all existing and future resources)
  • FOUR 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Cait McKay, the founder of Right to be Relevant (There are 3 Phases in the Workshop, so your coaching sessions will be held after you complete each phase)
  • Mentorship, coaching, empowerment and accountability check-ins 
  • Access to the I AM Collective Facebook Group (for community support and accountability!)

In the RLVNT Workshop, we’ve compiled all the information you need to know to begin or refresh your self-development journey. At Right to be Relevant, we believe the solution to living a happy life is in understanding who you authentically are, then allowing yourself to be. You are here right now, so you have everything you need. The RLVNT Workshop will guide you through videos, written concepts and reflection prompts so you can ultimately understand what it means to make yourself relevant in your own life, and empower yourself to start advocating for the valid wants and needs you may currently be ignoring. We believe in quality not quantity so everything included in the RLVNT Workshop is practical, meaningful and intended to set you up for success.


Before the RLVNT Workshop and Coaching: 
1. You've been making yourself small or not showing up authentically in your own life, identifying as your roles instead of your true self, and waiting for other people to advocate for you. 
2. You lack trust in yourself and are unsure about what you truly want and need in life. 
3. You lack continuity and alignment in your life because you're more concerned with accommodating external expectations than what you authentically want and need.

After the RLVNT Workshop and Coaching: 
1. You'll have 100% ownership of gaining a stronger sense of self by showing up and advocating for your true self. 
2. You'll prioritize becoming aware of your own experience so you can gain trust in yourself and clarity on what you truly want and need in life. 
3. You'll grant yourself permission to accommodate your self, learn how to make yourself relevant in your actions, and develop the discipline you'll need to keep yourself relevant.